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Customizable, Multi-Lingual Data Capture

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Cuestionario is an award-winning white-label application that allows for customizable data capture and review of FHIR® compliant assessments. White-label applications may be themed and branded to suit your individual preferences and needs. Cuestionario serves as the patient-facing application for New Jersey’s Integrated Care for Kids (HealthStory) and Connecticut’s Integrated Care for Kids (HealthJourney). It has been featured by the Gravity Project and was part of the solution that received the Grand Prize and Bonus Phase Prize by the Administration for Community Living’s Social Care Referrals Challenge. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) also published a case study on these efforts in April 2023 (source).

A full demonstration of the Cuestionario assessment app, as well as a companion cross-platform application to send/review results (Recetario), can be seen here:

Cuestionario Features

  • Customizable data capture app (questionnaire) that is FHIR® compliant
  • Designed for Medical questionnaires, but can be used for any subject
  • Can be run on multiple devices or the web

Any Survey, Any Language

We help create dynamic, custom questionnaires that include embedded language translations. We strictly follow the Structured Data Capture workflow, to which we have also published our use case as an example for others. For some projects, we have managed over 17 unique PlanDefinitions, 40 unique Questionnaires, 600+ FHIR® Resources, and nearly 300,000 lines of JSON code, with content quickly accessible and editable prior to FHIR® conversion.

Custom Language Support

Cuestionario is built in Flutter, which supports 79 language translations by default. We can support any of those languages, and provide a streamlined means for our clients to view and suggest changes to language content. Notably, we have also created solutions in custom languages not natively supported by Flutter, such as Haitian Creole.

Multiple Themes and Styles

As white-label applications, both Cuestionario and Recetario may be themed and branded to suit your needs. All content, images, and logos can be modified quickly and effectively to match your own suite of applications. This becomes less jarring for end users and helps establish trust.


Recetario is a standalone white-label application that connects with Cuestionario to help simplify the means by which assessments are created, sent, and reviewed. It is designed for use on desktop, tablet, and phone form factors.

Recetario Features

  • Centralized tool for managing surveys, analytics, and goals captured by questionnaires
  • Designed for actionable insights and outcomes

Partnerships and Integrations

Healthcare solutions are often better when approached collaboratively. Over the years, we have partnered with companies such as Open City Labs, Zane Networks, and Niche Aim to help provide a more fluid, user-friendly, and interoperable care experience.

Notably, Cuestionario may also connect to the open-source care coordination platform called the Operational Data Hub (ODH). This platform may allow practitioners from multiple organizations to work together as they address various social and care coordination needs for their patients.

To date, we have connected our white-label applications to multiple FHIR® servers, including but not limited to HAPI FHIR, Aidbox, Google Cloud Healthcare API, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and others.

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