Radford EMS Protocols

Interactive, searchable PDFs
Radford EMS Protocols
Radford EMS Commission
Release date
Sept 27, 2022
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2023 Update -

This solution was featured as part of the Nov 2022 IHE USA Path to Production series (#6). That video is available here:

Radford EMS Protocols -

The Radford EMS Protocols app is a cross-platform Flutter app designed to quickly view, interact, and search through PDFs. The app allows EMTs to access the guidelines and protocols necessary for on-shift patient care.

This app builds heavily on the use of interactive PDFs. For example, a separate PDF exists for each year the protocol was updated / released. For future projects, additional PDFs may be created to satisfy different needs, such as locations, agencies, clinical settings, etc.

Customization / Scalability

  • All features in the Radford EMS Protocols app are similar to our WVEMS Protocols app, given they are both based on the same open-source backbone.

  • If you are interested in harnessing your own PDF guidelines and protocols, contact us and we can discuss pricing.


  • Navigate between pages using links on the Table of Contents or swiping up / down. Click on underlined text to go to a linked page. Press the Home key to go back to the Table of Contents

  • Click the settings icon to download other PDFs or to change between light / dark themes

  • This feature uses Firebase authentication and Firebase cloud storage, via FlutterFire

  • Use the bar at the top to search PDF content, including a history of your last 10 searches

  • Firebase cloud messaging makes it so that the EMS agency can send the occasional push notification to its users

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