AMIA Symptom Tracker

2020-11-19| Category: flutter, demo, FHIR®| website:

AMIA Symptom Tracker

This was the demo application used for live-coding in the 4-hour Flutter workshop given at AMIA’s 2020 Virtual Clinical Informatics Conference. A total of 6 informaticians hosted this workshop.


  1. Welcome Screen, live-coded in full
  1. Symptom Tracker Dashboard, live-coded in full
  1. Check-In Screen, live-coded in full
  1. Firebase Puns, created by audience using Live Share
  1. Flutter / Firebase connection, previously created while live-coding
  1. FHIR® Package Demo, creating live patients on HAPI and Aidbox FHIR servers. Precursor to the FHIR-FLI Project
AMIA Virtual Clinical Informatics Conference
May 19, 2020
flutter, demo, FHIR®

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