Bucket List Accomplished! My First Meta-Blog Post

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021| Tags: First Post, Bucket List

Intro -

My First Meta-Blog Post!

This has been a challenge to get to this point, and hopefully I haven’t corrupted the entire website, but here is my first post. This is really more of a test of my ability in GIT to make the changes from my fork and create a pull request to upate the changes. Sounds easy, right? Not so much…after watching the intro video, I knew I was in for a challenge because I didn’t understand alot of the terminology or have a ‘favorite code editor’. I didn’t have any code editor and realized I would have to install Linux on my Chromebook d to get a ‘favorite’ code editor VS Code.

Easier said then done… my computer didn’t have enough memory, so needed to delete a bunch of files. Realizing that my computer is not really ideal for this. Thinking I will need to upgrade my trusty Chromebook to something with a little more memory.

After watching John’s video 50 times, I was almost getting it, and have gotten to the point of making the change and attempting to push it back. If you are reading this, then somehome I guess it was successful. Hopefully the learning curve is pretty steep here, so future posts won’t take me 10+ hours to create!



Well done! No corruptions at all. It can be a challenge to get started with Git at first, especially if you haven’t done this in the past. Officially, you’ve created your first markdown file, blog post, and pull request all in one!

The best path forward is one where you are always learning. As a project manager, you should be proud!


Image source: Pixabay

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