About Us

Practicing clinicians, dedicated to improving care

We are a mix of clinicians, developers, and disruptors who were fed up with the current state of technology in healthcare.

Problems we solve

The push towards implementing electronic health records has led to a system where a single shift can average 4,000 clicks. This results in technology built "for billing" rather than "for health," and it's causing an epidemic of burnout among providers.

According to Kroth et al, poorly-designed factors in healthcare may lead to:

"information overload,
slow system response times,
excessive data entry,
inability to navigate the system quickly,
note bloat,
interference with the patient clinician relationship,
fear of missing something, &
notes geared towards billing."

Thankfully, the technology landscape has changed. We now have the ability to take these designs into our own hands.

This is where we serve. We build custom, scalable digital solutions whose workflows mirror the work that is actually being done. All the while, we collaborate with others who are similarly motivated to improve care and well-being.

Why MayJuun?

We know what it's like to be frustrated by poorly-designed, tools, layouts, and interfaces

What You Get

A team of designers, developers, and clinicians working together with you on your idea

How It Works

We'll show you what we've made and work with you to design/build the layouts you want

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