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About Us

Founded by clinicians, we are passionate about providing rapid, seamless access to healthcare information to improve health creating secure and user-friendly applications.



We created FHIR-FLI, which is an open-source collaborative with the goal of improving healthcare through the use of the FHIR® interoperability standard and the Flutter Toolkit. We believe that lowering the barrier (both technically and monetarily) to entry allows for more innovation, broader applications, and the ability to actually use technology to improve people's lives.


Mobile friendly

We create Android / iOS / web layouts using a single code base

Made by clinicians

Our team is comprised of clinicians, developers, and clinician-developers

So you click less

4,000 clicks per shift is too much

And focus on care

You went into healthcare for the patients, not the data entry

Well tested

Clinician-developers help rapidly prototype and iterate

Better visualizations

Data tables can only take you so far. We know what's signal vs noise

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